Saturday, May 2, 2009

Reading Comprehension Tips

  • The first thing we should remember while attempting RC is everything that you need to know will be in the passage.

  • Read the question before you begin reading the passage Will this help????
    By doing so, you can can get useful clues about what to look for and think about as you read the passage

  • Then skim through the passage and get a better understanding of its structure and outline.

  • Questions usually focus on facts, inferences, main ideas, or the tone of a passage.

  • Never confirm your answer to a question until you've read the entire passage. Information relevant to a question can appear anywhere in the passage.

  • Using your pencil and scratch paper, note down a rough outline as you read. It will help you to locate relevant details quickly as you answer the questions, and avoid reading again.

  • Don't be overly concerned with details (dates, examples, and lists) as you read just make note in scratch paper when there is quesstion on it we can concentrate more on it.

  • After reading the entire passage, take about 15 seconds to write the theme in one sentence—in the form summary of passage.

  • Many passages contain statements which are irrelevant to the argument . Don't be thrown by these statements; separate them out from the important logical features of the argument.

  • No matter what type of question you're dealing with, eliminate any answer choices that are contrary to the passage's theme.

  • Try identifying the following
    1)argument's conclusion (often signaled by terms such as "as a result," "consequently," and "therefore")
    2)evidence that is given as factual (often signaled by terms such as "because," "since," and "given that.")