Thursday, November 26, 2009


Data Interpretation
Data Interpretation involves scientific methods for organizing, summarizing and analyzing data as well as drawing valid conclusion and making reasonable decisions on the basis of such analysis.

Data Interpretation is based on some information (data) from which new information can be deduced. For this section test you need to read quickly and correctly the data represented by various kinds of Graphs, charts, Tables etc.

The data is usually presented first and then some questions are given which are to be answered by drawing inference from the given data. Usually the data pertaining to any situation can be presented in one or more of the following ways.

1. Numerical Data Tables
2. Bar Diagrams
3. Pie-Charts
4. Cartesian graphs

Sentence correction :

Here are some types of errors which you should look for sentence correction.

  • Misplaced modifiers

  • Parallel sentences

  • Pronoun-subject agreement

  • Proper use of adverbs (they modify verbs)

  • Proper use of the semicolon

  • Sentence fragments

  • Subject-verb agreement

  • Verb tenses

  • 'Who' versus 'whom'

  • 'Among' versus 'between'

  • 'Fewer' versus 'less'

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