Thursday, November 5, 2009


Group Discussions are common in selection process .People watching your discussion see at your body language, the way you speak, the way you show your presence at the GD, the way you move with other people etc.Here are some of the important do's and dont's in GD


  • Do Have confidence in yourself.

  • Do think of your GD mates as your friends.

  • Do get updated with current affairs and general topics.

  • Do take a pen and paper with you.

  • Start the discussion if possible because The person who speaks first and last will get additional points.

  • Do start with greetings if you are the first to speak.

  • Do Introduce yourself.Just saying your name will be sufficient.

  • Do speak with optimum volume level that will be sufficient for the other members to hear you.

  • Do Validate your points with stats. Give proofs/incidents to make your point more effective.

  • The content of your speech matters.

  • Do make note of important points that you have in mind and what others say.

  • Do Look at all the people. Move your heads/eyes towards all the people.

  • Try to use words like "As my friend said", "As my friend rightly pointed out", "I agree with what he/she said" etc. If you know his/her name, use his/her name.

  • If the discussion gets centered at the same point, try to bring in new dimension to the discussion with your points.

  • Keep your points short and simple.

  • Try to conclude the discussion. During conclusion, list out all the important points that were discussed from you notes.

  • DONT's:

  • If you are sure about your points start the discussion else listen to what others so that you can get some idea on the topic.

  • Don't speak irrelevant to the topic. If the discussion drifts away from the topic, pull it back.

  • Don't sit quiet for a long time or till all the people finish speaking. Grab your chance as soon as possible.

  • Don't point on to others with your finger.

  • Don't speak too loud or too low voice.

  • Don't leave a pause between two points.

  • Don't jump from one point to another abruptly.

  • Don't use negatives like "I don't agree with you", I strongly object" etc instead Use words like "My points differs from your point" .

  • Don't shake your legs.

  • Don't cross your fingers.

  • Keep yourself cool throughout the discussion and be the winner.